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Topic: Search Engine Ranking & Search Engine Optimization

There is a high level of frustration by web site owners when they have a good site, but no one can find it through the search engines and the amount of visitors to the site is low.

>> Here are some facts on search engine rankings:
1. The vast majority (90%+) of search engine referrals/traffic in the U.S. are referred by Google, Yahoo and MSN, according to various sources. Therefore, any search engine strategy needs to focus on rankings in these search engines.
2. According to Google, there isn't 1 single search engine submission company that has a "special relationship" with Google that guarantees their clients rapid and top rankings on the Google search engine.
3. Getting top rankings on Google, Yahoo and MSN tends to be a process, not a 1 time submit and forget kind of event. After identifying a solid list of 10 keyword/phrase searches that people would use to find your site on a search engine and optimizing the pages for these keywords, improved rankings will not occur overnite. Patience is the key!
4. Even with top 10 rankings in the search engines, a large percentage of your web site's traffic will come from "direct requests" --> people who are typing your domain name directly into the address line in their browser. These people are getting your web site address through word-of-mouth, business cards, brochures, etc.

Recommendations: Bufflehead Web Design offers a Search Engine Optimization and Submission Service. In this service, we work with you to identify the search terms people are using to find your site, optimize your site for best rankings, submit your site to approx. 70 search engines, and then give you a follow up 60 day report to show you the improvement in your site rankings.

Search Engine Submission Service
Bufflehead Web Design currently is offering a Search Engine Optimization and Submission Service for $289 for a web site of up to 10 pages, $349 for a web site is 11 - 20 page site, and $399 for a 21 - 30 page site (for sites over 30 pages, we will provide a quote). This service offers:

  • A work session with you to identify the most important keywords/phrases that you believe potential customers would use to search for your site.
  • Optimization of your site's META tags, and a check to ensured that your selected keywords were found consistently in the text of your web pages.
  • HAND SUBMISSION of your site to approximately 20 search engines and directories, including Google, Yahoo and MSN Bing Search.
  • Optimization and submission of accurate sitemap.xml file to Google, Yahoo, Ask.com and MSN Bing Search.
  • Identification of any local of specialty directories that your site can get submitted to, as well as any professional organization site's that your site can get listed on. This is an effort to help improve your Page Rank, which can improve your site's listings in Google.
  • 45 day follow up report to show you the improvement of your rankings for your keywords when searched for in Google, MSN Bing Search and Yahoo.
  • The goal is to have your site optimized for best possible rankings in Google, Yahoo and MSN Bing Search, for maximum exposure for your site on these search engines and to increase the number of visitors to your web site.

See some of Bufflehead Web Design's Search Engine Submission Case Studies >>

Topic: Email Hosting

Bufflehead Web Design offers 3 different types of email hosting:

  1. Exchange Email Hosting
  2. Zimbra Email Hosting
  3. POP/SMTP Hosting

Call Bufflehead Web Design at 612-605-1520, or email us for more information.


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