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Should You Hire Outside Help For Your Small Business Social Media Management?

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Most small businesses today have some sort of presence on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Twitter. Providing information to potential customers on social media can help to legitimize your business, visually show potential customers information on your business and services, and promote your brand.

Should You Hire Outside Help For Your Small Business Social Media Management?
Don't bite off more than you can handle! Social media planning and implementation can be a prickly item for many Minneapolis & St. Paul small businesses.

Here are some factors in establishing a successful social media presence:

  1. Experience - Most small businesses do not have someone on staff that has designed visually compelling Facebook, LinkedIn or other social media pages. An outside resource can provide experienced social media management to ensure that your social media pages look sharp and engage potential customers.
  2. Clearly Communicating Your Company's Message - Your business most likely has a very concise (and winning) brand that is used to garner sales. However, this messaging may not translate well to your audience on social media, and an outside resource can help your company hone that message to your social platforms' audiences.
  3. Time - The overall goal to a social media plan is to engage potential customers and turn their warm connection into sales. Like any successful sales effort, a social media strategy requires time and effort. A valuable question to ask, besides having the expertise, does anyone in your small business have the time to dedicate to this social media management effort?
  4. Focus - One of the keys to an effective social media campaign is focus. Instead of setting up pages on 5 or 6 platforms and not doing any of them particularly well, our experience has shown that focusing on one or two social media platforms leads to the best results for most small businesses. Identifying the social media sites that your potential customers are using is a great first step on identifying which platform(s) to have your business on and to focus on.

Bufflehead Internet Technology has run several successful social media campaign strategies for businesses, as well as providing on-going social media management services. See how Bufflehead Internet Technology can help your company push into this exciting digital opportunity - call 612-605-1520 or fill out the form on this page for more information.

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