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WordPress Support

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With over 10 years of WordPress support and WordPress development experience, Bufflehead Internet Technology works with small businesses, government agencies and other organizations for WordPress support, maintenance, security, malware removal and site optimization. These proactive WordPress support services help to minimize WordPress errors and site issues.

Avoid WordPress Issues with Preventative WordPress Support

Many of the common errors or issues that pop up on WordPress websites can be avoided with regular preventative WordPress support. These WordPress support tasks include:

  • WordPress plugin updates/replacement and WordPress core updates
  • Better security and firewalls setup on WordPress websites
  • Secure, updated WordPress website hosting
  • Regular, off-site WordPress website backups

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WordPress Plugin & Core Updates

A primary way of keeping a WordPress website secure and functioning is to make sure to regularly run updates on the WordPress core and the plugins that are in use on your website. This also includes removing any unused plugins. These updates are pushed out to improve the performance of WordPress or the plugin, fix bugs, and close up security issues that have been discovered on a plugin or the WordPress core. It is also important to replace plugins that are suddenly no longer supported or being improved by the plugin developer.

WordPress Firewalls and Security

Another aspect of proactively keeping a WordPress website secure is to install a WordPress security or firewall plugin. WordPress websites are commonly probed by bots to find know security holes in PHP or the WordPress platform. A good WordPress firewall plugin will help to block most of these attacks. One plugin that we use at Bufflehead Internet Technology is BBQ Pro from Plugin Planet.

WordPress Website Backups

Many WordPress websites do not have an automated, off-site backup service running on their site. Your WordPress website should be backed up at least 1x per week, and a copy of this backup should be stored at an off-site location (i.e. not at your website hosting company), in case of emergency. If you do not have an automated backup setup for your WordPress website, call 612-382-0573 and we can help you setup an automated, off-site backup solution for WordPress.

WordPress Website Hosting

Website hosting for WordPress websites is also important. Besides speed (newer, faster servers), older and out-of-date hosting platforms can cause security issues because older versions of PHP or MySQL (required to run WordPress) can also lead to security breaches. Make sure to have at least PHP 7.4 on your hosting service - you can check the version of PHP on your hosting through the hosting tools like CPanel or DirectAdmin, or by contacting your web hosting company directly.

WordPress Support & Maintenance Services

Bufflehead Internet Technology can take care of these WordPress support items for your company. We currently offer a monthly WordPress Maintenance Services package that takes care of WordPress support items of off-site backups, regular plugin and WordPress core updates, fix of any errors on a WordPress website, and installation and management of an effective firewall for $99 / month. If your WordPress site has been hacked and infected with malware, we can help with that as well. Please call 612-382-0573 or fill out the form on this page for more information.

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