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Costs for a Website

Oct 11, 2020      Share:  

For many small businesses, especially for businesses that are planning on having a website created for the first time, there are questions about all of the costs that go into website creation, as well as the on-going costs to keep the site up, running, backed up and secure after it is...   Read More...

Blog Categories:  Website Security, WordPress

WordPress Support

Sep 10, 2020      Share:  

With over 10 years of WordPress support and WordPress development experience, Bufflehead Internet Technology works with small businesses, government agencies and other organizations for WordPress support, maintenance, security, malware removal and optimization. These proactive WordPress...   Read More...

Blog Categories:  WordPress, WordPress Maintenance, WordPress Plugins

WordPress Errors - How to Fix

Apr 02, 2020      Share:  

WordPress errors happen. Errors can happen after a WordPress core update, if the MySQL database gets corrupted, maliciously through a hack that infects a WordPress website with malware or deletes/corrupts part of the website, or after a simple plugin update is run. Many of the common errors...   Read More...

Blog Categories:  WordPress Plugins, WordPress Maintenance, WordPress

WordPress Rescue - Has Your WordPress Site Been Hacked?

Mar 25, 2020      Share:  

As of March 2020, the WordPress Content Management System is used on 35.8% of all websites in the world. Because WordPress is so commonly used, these websites also tend to be targets for malicious code/hackers that can take your site offline, redirect the traffic intended for your site...   Read More...

Blog Categories:  WordPress, Website Rescue

WordPress Rescue

May 03, 2019      Share:  

Is your WordPress website in need of a WordPress Rescue? Bufflehead Internet Technology has over 10 years of WordPress development and WordPress support / WordPress Rescue experience, assisting organizations throughout North America in keeping their WordPress websites...   Read More...

Blog Categories:  Website Rescue, WordPress Maintenance, WordPress Plugins

Should You Hire Outside Help For Your Small Business Social Media Management?

Jan 06, 2019      Share:  

Most small businesses today have some sort of presence on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Twitter. Providing information to potential customers on social media can help to legitimize your business, visually show potential customers information on your business...   Read More...

Blog Categories:  Social Media For Business

WordPress Help Minneapolis

Dec 20, 2018      Share:  

Does your Minneapolis business need help with a WordPress website? Bufflehead Internet Technology has over 10 years of WordPress development and WordPress support experience, helping businesses keep their WordPress websites backed-up and safe, the content on their WordPress...   Read More...

Blog Categories:  WordPress, WordPress Maintenance

Website Redesign (Renovation)

Nov 13, 2018      Share:  

Websites are like everything else - they get old - and the older they get, the less attractive that they look, turning off potential clients. And nothing old can ever be made to look nice again (not true - read on!). Especially when it comes to websites, an expensive and time-consuming...   Read More...

Blog Categories:  Web Site Redesign, WordPress

WordPress Maintenance Services & Support

Nov 05, 2018      Share:  

Does your company have a WordPress website setup by a digital agency who set you up with a login to make content updates and changes, but you are struggling to get these changes done? Even outside of the ongoing content updates that you want to make, it may appear that the basic WordPress...   Read More...

Blog Categories:  WordPress Maintenance, WordPress

Fall Cleanup: Social Media Pages

Oct 13, 2018      Share:  

Does your company still need to 'clean up' their business social media pages? We can help you get control of the profiles that have automatically been setup for your company in LinkedIn, Facebook and Google - and make them look professional. Many organizations are not even aware that a...   Read More...

Blog Categories:  Social Media For Business

HTTPS and Google Chrome - What Happened to the Green Padlock

Oct 01, 2018      Share:  

In the past month you may have noticed that your site no longer has the green padlock in the address bar at the top of your Google Chrome browser. Does this mean that your SSL security has expired? No - this is a change to the interface...   Read More...

Blog Categories:  Website Security, HTTPS

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