WordPress Rescue

WordPress Rescue

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Is your WordPress website in need of a WordPress Rescue? Bufflehead Internet Technology has over 10 years of WordPress development and WordPress support / WordPress Rescue experience, assisting organizations throughout North America in keeping their WordPress websites online and functioning optimally.

WordPress Rescue

WordPress Website Rescue

What causes issues with a WordPress site?
From our experience, the #1 cause of issues that require a WordPress Rescue is out-dated or broken plugins. There are over 55,000 approved plugins on WordPress.org, and tens of thousands more available on various places on the internet. Plugins generally work well when they are first developed, but they can become outdated as the WordPress core updates, and even become security issues that are easily exploited by hackers.

Examples of issues or changes done on WordPress websites as part of a WordPress Rescue:

  • Fix of WordPress website errors.
  • Changing the layout of a site's content area to make the site look more attractive to website visitors.
  • Getting broken / hacked WordPress websites back online.
  • Migration of WordPress sites from one hosting platform to another.
  • Fixing or replacing broken plugins to ensure that all content is easy for your website visitors to access.
  • Add of new features to a WordPress website to encourage customer engagement and drive more warm leads to the website owner.
  • Find and remove any malicious code that may have been added to your WordPress website.

Minneapolis WordPress Help
Uhh-Ohh! Call Bufflehead Internet Technology at 612-605-1520 for a WordPress Rescue.

Get Your WordPress Site Back Online

Bufflehead Internet Technology's web development experts will quickly assess your WordPress website, find the issues that have taken the site offline or to have issues, and get them fixed as rapidly as possible. Call 612-605-1520 or fill out the contact form on this page to get the WordPress Rescue started.

Call 612-605-1520 today to get help with your WordPress website.

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