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Fall Cleanup: Social Media Pages

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Does your company still need to 'clean up' their business social media pages? We can help you get control of the profiles that have automatically been setup for your company in LinkedIn, Facebook and Google - and make them look professional. Many organizations are not even aware that a page on these social media sites may already exist for their company.


A LinkedIn company page may have been created for your business when a LinkedIn member adds your company or organization for their work experience section of their LinkedIn profile. See more about claiming your LinkedIn company page on the LinkedIn help pages.

Google Local Business

business social media pages

Search for your company name on Google and you will most likely see the area on the right with some pictures and a description of your company. If this listing says "Claim This Business", you don't have control of the information displayed here. Claiming this listing will allow you to update information about your company (like the phone number and hours of operation) as well as upload pictures and make posts about your products and services.


Just like LinkedIn, Facebook might have automatically created a Page for your business (see more on this at Facebook's help site). It is not uncommon for a business to have created a Facebook Business Page as well, leading to two competing pages on Facebook, one being managed by your company and another being un-managed and potentially inaccurate.

business social media pages

Why is it necessary to claim and manage these social media business pages? The primary reason that a business would want to claim and manage these social media pages is that they tend to be on the 1st page of search results in a Google, Bing or Yahoo search of your business name. It is not uncommon for these automatically generated company pages to have inaccurate information, such as an incorrect phone number, address or business classification. The automatically generated social media pages for a business are very generic looking and will not have your business's brand applied to them (logo or other relevant images or content for your business).

If you want to have Bufflehead Internet Technology work with you to gain control of these pages, call 612-605-1520, or fill out the contact form on this page. We can help you lasso your companies' social media pages and get them working with your other digital marketing efforts.

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