WordPress Technical Support

WordPress Technical Support

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U.S.-based WordPress technical support for error messages, broken plug-ins, website optimization issues or other technical problems with your organization's WordPress website. Speak with a WordPress expert by phone, online video meeting or email to get support for correcting WordPress issues.

WordPress Technical Support & Maintenance Services

Bufflehead Internet Technology can take care of these WordPress support items for your organization. We can help with the running of WordPress core or plugin updates, fix of visible errors on a site, test site for update to PHP 8, assist in replacing deprecated plugins, or fixing of unaligned or poorly formed content on a website. If your WordPress site has been hacked and infected with malware, we can help with that as well. If you need WordPress technical support, call 612-382-0573 or fill out the form on this page with information on the issue on your website.

Our U.S.-based WordPress experts are available for WordPress technical support for $90/hour and can provide a quick resolution to your issues.

On-Going WordPress Maintenance Services

Bufflehead Internet Technology also offers a monthly WordPress Maintenance Services package that takes care of WordPress support items including off-site backups, regular (monthly) plugin and WordPress core updates to keep your site secure, and installation and management of an effective firewall plugin and 24 / 7 website monitoring for $99 / month. This proactive support service can help to prevent your WordPress site from being hacked and infected with malware, or having your WordPress website's content maliciously deleted.

Fix WordPress Issues and Errors Quickly

Our WordPress experts are available to quickly troubleshoot and fix errors on your WordPress website.

WordPress Unavailable For Schedule Maintenance Error - Minneapolis WordPress Help
Briefly Unavailable For Schedule Maintenance Error on a WordPress website

Don't Forget About a Scheduled Backup

Make sure to have your WordPress website regularly backed up, and to have a copy of these backups stored off-site at a location other than your website hosting to ensure that you are able to get a backup of your site if your hosting is offline (if your backup is stored with your hosting, and your hosting is offline, do you really even have a backup?

Ask about Bufflehead Internet Technologies scheduled off-site backup plan that will store full weekly backups at an off-site location to ensure that your website backup is secure and available when you need it.

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