Should a Solo Practitioner Have a Website?

Should a Solo Practitioner Have a Website?

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A solo law practice may be wondering if they even need a website. There may be some concern about the affordability of having a professional, bespoke website created for their firm. There could also be apprehension about the amount of time and effort that is needed to get a website setup for a solo attorney (and where to even start), which would take time away from clients and other legal responsibilities.

In terms of affordability, an attractive, professional website can generally done for much less than other forms of marketing, such as radio ads or newspaper ads. Working with a digital agency with experience in creating legal websites can also reduce the amount of time required of the solo practitioner to get their website launched. For an idea of all of the costs that need to be considered when having a website done, see our article on Typical Costs for a Website.

Communicate Clearly What Areas of Law Your Practice Provides

One needed area of content on your website needs to be the legal services that you provide - DWI Defense, Criminal Law, Family Law, etc. To ensure that Google, Bing and the other major search engines can accurately catalog your website's content, each major legal service should be on their own 'page' on your site, with a short 300 - 400 word write up on each service. This will allow Google to accurately return your website in their search engine results when someone searches for a legal service that you provide.

Make it Easy for Potential Clients to Contact You

Potential clients are going to try to contact you in two ways from your website:

  1. By phone
  2. Through a contact form on your website
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