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Should a Solo Practitioner Have a Website?

Oct 26, 2023      Share:  

A solo law practice may be wondering if they even need a website. There may be some concern about the affordability of having a professional, bespoke website created for their firm. There could also be apprehension about the amount of time   Read More...

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WordPress Maintenance Services & Support

Sep 06, 2023      Share:  

Does your company have a WordPress website setup by a digital agency who set you up with a login to make content updates and changes, but you are struggling to get these changes done? Even outside of the ongoing content updates that you want   Read More...

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WordPress Help Minneapolis

Aug 23, 2023      Share:  

Does your Minneapolis - St. Paul business need help with a WordPress website? Bufflehead Internet Technology has over 10 years of WordPress development and WordPress support experience, helping businesses keep their WordPress   Read More...

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Costs for a Website

May 11, 2023      Share:  

For many small businesses, especially for businesses that are planning on having a website created for the first time, there are questions about all of the costs that go into website creation, as well as the on-going costs to keep the site   Read More...

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WordPress Support

Aug 12, 2022      Share:  

With over 10 years of WordPress support and WordPress development experience, Bufflehead Internet Technology works with small businesses, government agencies and other organizations for WordPress support, maintenance, security, malware removal   Read More...

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WordPress Rescue - Has Your WordPress Site Been Hacked?

Jul 21, 2022      Share:  

As of July 2022, the WordPress Content Management System is used on almost 40% of all websites in the world. Because WordPress is so commonly used, these websites also tend to be targets for malicious code/hackers that can take your site offline,   Read More...

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WordPress Errors - How to Fix

Apr 02, 2020      Share:  

WordPress errors happen. Errors can happen after a WordPress core update, if the MySQL database gets corrupted, maliciously through a hack that infects a WordPress website with malware or deletes/corrupts part of the website, or after a simple   Read More...

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Website Redesign (Renovation)

Nov 13, 2018      Share:  

Websites are like everything else - they get old - and the older they get, the less attractive that they look, turning off potential clients. And nothing old can ever be made to look nice again (not true - read on!). Especially when it comes   Read More...

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