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Website Redesign (Renovation)

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Websites are like everything else - they get old - and the older they get, the less attractive that they look, turning off potential clients. And nothing old can ever be made to look nice again (not true - read on!). Especially when it comes to websites, an expensive and time-consuming website redesign needs to be done once your website looks dated and your content is no longer 'fresh'.
Or does it?

Website Renovation

Website Renovation
Who likes Mustangs? I do, especially older models that have been cleaned up to look cool again. This can be done with your website.

A website renovation might be a good midpoint between ignoring your website's dated look (and lack of mobile friendly pages) and a total redesign. This website renovation would buy your organization time until you are ready for a new website and digital branding effort.

New graphics, a cleaned up, mobile-friendly and streamlined navigation, an improved footer and a better overall mobile experience could give your site that touched-up, renovated look that will keep your site producing warm leads and prospects in the short-term.

When Is It Time For A Website Renovation?

Here are some basic items that may help you to identify if your organization's web site is in need of a renovation:

  • Your site doesn't work well - or look right - on mobile devices (iPhones, Android phones, etc).
  • Feedback from customers telling you that they cannot find where they are looking for on your website (which could lead to lost leads and sales).
  • A perceived 'dated look' on parts of your website such the navigation, the 'buttons' on the page, the fonts used for the site or the look and layout of the forms for users to fill out to contact you.
  • Customers are getting messages that sections of your site are insecure, or are reporting broken links from pages that have out of date content.
  • There is Flash content on your pages.

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