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WordPress Rescue

Aug 04, 2023      Share:  

Is your WordPress website in need of a WordPress Rescue? Bufflehead Internet Technology has over 10 years of WordPress development and WordPress support / WordPress Rescue experience, assisting organizations throughout North   Read More...

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WordPress Support

Aug 12, 2022      Share:  

With over 10 years of WordPress support and WordPress development experience, Bufflehead Internet Technology works with small businesses, government agencies and other organizations for WordPress support, maintenance, security, malware removal   Read More...

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WordPress Errors - How to Fix

Apr 02, 2020      Share:  

WordPress errors happen. Errors can happen after a WordPress core update, if the MySQL database gets corrupted, maliciously through a hack that infects a WordPress website with malware or deletes/corrupts part of the website, or after a simple   Read More...

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