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WordPress Rescue - Has Your WordPress Site Been Hacked?

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As of July 2022, the WordPress Content Management System is used on almost 40% of all websites in the world. Because WordPress is so commonly used, these websites also tend to be targets for malicious code/hackers that can take your site offline, redirect the traffic intended for your site to other websites, or use your site to spread malware to your potential customers.

How Can You Tell If Your WordPress Site Has Been Hacked?

WordPress Rescue Hacked Site

Here are some telltale signs that your WordPress site has been hacked:

  • Your WordPress admin page no longer accessible
  • The pages on your website are redirecting traffic to other websites, usually websites with spammy content like gambling or pornography
  • New text and links showing up on the pages of your WordPress site that you did not put on the site
  • Google is reporting a "This site may be hacked" message under the links to your website in the Google search results
  • You might even have clients calling or emailing you with information that their internet security software is reporting that your site may have harmful content on it when they go visit your site!

Can a Hacked WordPress Website be Recovered?

WordPress Website Hacked
Have the wheels fallen off of your website? Contact Bufflehead Internet Technology to recover your WordPress website.

In many cases, a hacked WordPress site can be cleaned-up and the malware removed. The source of the hack typically is an outdated WordPress plugin or a very old WordPress core, so it is important to run all available updates once the hacked WordPress site has been cleaned.

Occasionally, a hacked WordPress site may have a significant number of the files and pages deleted, or the entire database that stores all of the website's pages and posts was deleted. In these cases, the only remedy is to restore the WordPress site from a backup (hopefully you are backing up your WordPress site regularly!!). Recovering hacked WordPress sites is frequently part of our Rent a Webmaster service.

WordPress Backups

One of the best things you can do to help fix WordPress websites thave have been hacked is proactive - have a recent backup. If you do not have an automated backup setup for your WordPress website, call 612-382-0573 and we can help you setup an automated, off-site backup solution for WordPress.

Contact the expert WordPress technicians at Bufflehead Internet Technology to assist your company in recovering your hacked WordPress web site.

Fill out the form on this page, or call us at 612-382-0573 and we can get to work removing the malware issues on your WordPress website.

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